Creative Life

Creative Life With New Sustainable Eco Packaging Materials


Printable and Convertible

Flashspun Hypak™ eco friendly and recyclable packaging materials have excellent printing properties;Also, our waterproof eco packaging materials are suitable for most printing methods, and have strong color and pattern expression, which can keep the printing vivid and complete for a long time. These types of new sustainable and recyclable packaging materials can be widely used in all kinds of creative life products, printed matter and packaging.


Excellent texture

The flashspun fabric largely determines the texture of the product if you consider to buy recyclable packaging. Flashspun Hypak™ environmentally friendly recyclable packaging materials wholesale have two types of paper-like hard structure and cloth-like soft structure, which is convenient for the selection of different types of products and design requirements. In addition, the surface of packaging made from recycled materials has a fine and unique texture, which can make the product show an extraordinary texture.


Variety of styles

In the field of Creative Life, Flashspun Hypak™ recyclable packaging materials wholesale can be applied in five major fields: fashionable outfits, creative furniture, outdoor products, cultural gifts and art installations. Our Flashspun Hypak™ custom environmentally friendly recycled packaging materials can easily realize a variety of creative shapes, structures and special treatments, allowing designers to truly release their inspiration.


**Folding book lamp and the black background are made of Flashspun Hypak™ recyclable product packaging materials in the picture.


Highlights Of Flashspun Hypak™ Art Printed

Fabric Recyclable Packaging Materials

As a special light weight waterproof material, Flashspun Hypak™ environmentally friendly packaging materials has brought new inspiration to designers in different industries.


The unique eco friendly and recyclable waterproof packaging materials also provide a basis for free release of inspiration and brings a new experience to users.