Hypak® Flashspun For Building Curtain Wall

Flashspun Hypak™ For Building Curtain Wall House Wrap Insulation


Building wrap insulation curtain wall is a commonly used outer wall enclosure structure of modern large-scale high-rise buildings, this kind of building wrap insulation material is generally wrapped on the surface of the main structure. The curtain wall of building wrap insulation needs to have good waterproof, breathable, wind resistance and durable.


Flashspun Hypak™ Building Wrap Insulation Material Let the Building Breathe

Hypak™ flashspun waterproof breathable material

Waterproof & Breathable


Rainwater and moisture outside the building can easily make the building wrap insulation layer damp and moldy. Flashspun Hypak™ waterproof breathable building wrap material membrane is used for the curtain wall and weather smart building wrap is laid on the outside of the insulation layer. Our building wrap insulation paper featured by waterproof and breathable can not only prevent the infiltration of rainwater but also allow the water vapor entering the insulation layer to be discharged smoothly. The curtain wall of the building can be adjusted freely as if it can breathe by using this kind of eco friendly building wrap insulation materials.


Hypak™ flashspun waterproof breathable material



Avoiding the retention of water vapor in the thermal building wrap insulation layer. In addition, air convection will also bring about heat loss and increase building energy consumption. Flashspun Hypak™ building wrap insulation material of waterproof breathable membrane has good wind resistance, and our waterproof  building wrap material insulation can also ensure the air tightness of the building and improve the thermal insulation performance of the building.


Highlights of Flashspun Hypak™ in Building Curtain Wall Wrap Insulation



Prevent rainwater penetration: Flashspun Hypak™ is an important waterproof bedding layer building wrap insulation material that is placed on the outside of the building wrap insulation to help improve the watertightness of the building and prevent rainwater from entering the breathable and eco-friendly building wrap insulation.



Expel the water vapor inside the building wrap insulation layer: Flashspun Hypak™ breathable building wrap material paper reduces the probability of condensation by dissipating water vapor entering the building wrap construction insulation, effectively preventing condensation from attacking the building and keeping the building wrap insulation dry for a long time.


Wind Resistance

Reduce energy loss due to air convection: Flashspun Hypak™ excellent wind resistance waterproof and breathable building wrap materials can improve the airtightness of the wall, reduce air convection, effectively reduce heat loss, and reduce building energy consumption.



The  waterproof and eco friendly building wrap insulation material of Flashspun Hypak™ has excellent aging and abrasion resistance and will last as long as the curtain wall system.


Schematic Diagram Of The Building Curtain Wall Wrap Insulation Structure


Improve building watertightness, reduce the probability of cold bridge formation, improve building insulation capacity, and reduce building energy consumption.



Improve the airtightness of the building, effectively reduce the heat loss of the building, and make the building more energy efficient.