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The collection of debt may involve many steps and a wide array of legal skills. Our lawyers use every legal method to collect your debt. We will work with you from the initial claim and stay with you until you get paid. Yet, we do more than just the legal side of the case. We are there with you from the initial review, through payment, and handling any obstacles along the way. You need an experienced attorney on your side who knows creditors’ rights and FDCPA defense inside and out.


Our firm represents both creditors and consumers and provides services on debt collection, debt defense, frozen accounts, and litigation.


Our goal is to provide forthright legal advice, combined with aggressive collection efforts within the bounds of the applicable laws. From our offices in Houston, TX, we assist clients throughout the state and across the nation collect debts and enforce judgments. When attempting to collect a debt or enforce a judgment, our MOSAIC legal group uses advanced technology and modernized software to manage each account for maximum productivity.


Our lawyers provide experienced counsel and representation in lawsuits seeking money damages, foreclosure actions and loan modifications and workouts, deeds given instead of foreclosure, replevin actions, garnishment actions, actions to levy on real and personal property to collect judgments, litigation relating to fraudulent transfers of assets by debtors to avoid payment, enforcement, and foreclosure of construction liens and homeowner association assessment liens.


In addition to the legal skill to distill and litigate the often-complex issues arising in situations involving financially troubled businesses and individuals, our lawyers have a firm understanding of the operational side of our institutional clients’ businesses and the often direct interplay between legal avenues in a given case and operational realities in the context of their day-to-day operations.