Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

Cross Roller Slew Bearing is with rolling elements in a 90°cross arrangement at a ration of 1:1.


Due to the roller transmit load in a single direction, and the contact area of roller is bigger than the ball, so the rotational torque is less than a ball type design, it can provide higher rigidity and strength. Although the crossed roller slew bearing is with less load capacity than ball type when with same size rolling elements, but crossed roller type bearing has higher stability. As one of the professional turntable bearing suppliers, SWBTEC can produce different size crossed roller slewing bearing with dimension from 100mm-2500mm and often prepare stock for popular model.


Features and Benefits of Cross Roller Slewing Bearing


Customer choice cross roller slew bearing is mainly due to it has better stability and accuracy when rotate.


SWBTEC is not only pay attention to the raceway hardness but also to the precision of roller which often ignored by us.


The precision of roller is a important role in cross roller slew bearing quality.


SWBTEC purchase them from a company which has long years of experience to produce high precision roller although we need to bear higher cost, this is why our cross roller slewing bearing has better quality than other company.