Crane Slewing Bearing

Crane Slewing Bearing, In order to meet customer requirement for the growing product range, our engineer often go to the customer company to measure the old sample and make drawing accordingly. we can also do some change as customer special requirement, like increase ball size to increase the load capacity.SWBTEC can produce crane swing circle with good quality and long service life. Some model for your reference:KATO NK200E-3,KATO NK200H,HITACHI KH150,KOBELCO 5035,KOBELCO 5045. KOBELCO 7035, KOBELCO 7055, KOBELCO 7065, TANADO TR250M, TL250E-3, TS75M, TL250E, TR500M2, TS80M, TR500M, P*H T200-2, NK400E-3, KR25H, KR35H-3, TL200E and so on.


Features and Benefits of Crane Slewing Bearing


The crane slewing bearing is an important part of the slewing system of the crane, which supports various working conditions during the slewing process.


Since this crane slewing bearing for sale is an important part for transmitting various loads between the turntable and the chassis, it is also a place where failures are likely to occur during rotation.


For this reason, we recommend that customers to do the following routine inspections:


Regularly check the flexibility of the rotation; if noise and impact are found, you should immediately stop for inspection, remove the fault, and disassemble if necessary;


Regularly check whether the gear has cracks;


Regularly check the integrity of the seal. If the sealing belt is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time, and if it is found to fall off, it should be reset in time.