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Customized Post Tensioning Wedge

Customized Post Tensioning Wedge

Product Description

The post-tensioning wedge is a crucial component used in prestressed concrete structures. By applying prestressing force on the concrete elements, it significantly enhances the load-bearing capacity and durability of the structure.

Customization Post Tensioning Wedge

In order to meet different requirements of our customers and as we have R&D team to develop, RuiYi provides many customization products to our customers.

For example, if you have only an idea of the diameter of the PC strand, we could provide you professional advice and drawings of anchor and wedge that could be workable for your confirmation.

If you have drawings, RuiYi could provide OEM service for your products with good quality control and reasonable cost.

Production Process of Post Tensioning Wedge

The wedge production includes 8 parts, which are:

Cutting-raw material 20CrMnTi Bars are cut into small pillars as required.

Forging-After cutting, it will be punched central holes by CNC forging machine.

Engraving-After forging, it will be cut to required size and angle by CNC engraving machines.

Tapping-after engraving, it will be tapped to certain thread shape and size as required.

Splitting-After tapping, it will be cut into 3 or 2 pcs as required.

Heat Treatment-After splitting, it will be heat treatment at 890℃.

Assembling-After treatment, it will be inspected and assembled by auto machine.

Packing-Finally, it will be packed into box or bucket as per requirements.

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