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T-BAT H 3.0


T-BAT H 6.0


T-BAT H 9.0


U-BAT H 12.0




Prevent battery over-discharge with auto power replenishment technology


Utilize LiFePO4 battery type and high-performance processors




Easy installation with a modular stacking design


Suitable for indoor/outdoor installation with floor mounting support (IP65 rated)




Long life cycle of over 6000 cycles


Capable of operating at low temperatures due to unique heating technology




Remote fault diagnosis


Accessible through app or web portal


Why T-BAT-SYS-HV-3.0

SolaX’s battery system effortlessly integrates with their Hybrid inverter, offering unique battery heating technology, a safe LiFePO4 battery type, and high-performance processors. Form an all-in-one system with our X1-Hybrid G4 and the Matebox. With a modular design and easy installation, it supports floor mounting, ensuring reliable operation in various temperatures. The system prevents battery over-discharge, has an IP65 rating for indoor/outdoor use, enables remote fault diagnosis, and includes multiple communication interfaces. With internationally recognized brand devices, a long life cycle, and safety certifications, it provides a trusted solution for users worldwide.


T-BAT H 3.0

T-BAT H 6.0

T-BAT H 9.0

T-BAT H 12.0

Usable capacity


Nominal voltage


Max. charge/discharge current


Cycle life [90% DOD]

6000 Cycles

Dimensions (W*H*D)

MC0600(BMS): 482.5*173.5*153mm

HV10230(Battery): 482.5*471.5*153mm

Net weight

MC0600(BMS): 7.5kg

HV10230(Battery): 34.5kg.