Danfoss Motor , Chery Brand Motor Evolution


      With the official release of Chery’s high-end brand, EXEED, Chery Automobile finally realized mass production of their new motor products. As the first independent intellectual property motor series of Chinese brands, after the transformation of three generations of motor products, can this new 1.6T direct injection motor return Chery to the apex of China’s manufacturing powertrain? Danvers motor and you come to feel it.

  Learn about Chery’s new 1.6T motor features:

  1. The first product of the third-generation Chery ACTECO motor has been mass-produced, and the first star-studded TX model.

  2, higher power, and support the national six b emission standards.

  3. Optimize in-cylinder tumble flow, the thermal efficiency of the whole machine is higher than 37.1%.

  4. The cylinder head is integrated with the exhaust manifold design, and the electronic thermostat and electronic water pump are used to optimize the thermal management system.

  5. The cylinder is replaced with die-cast aluminum alloy material, which is lighter in weight.

  6, NVH performance improvement.

  Chery brand motor evolution

  If time goes back to more than a decade ago, at that time, our Chinese brand did not have any powertrains. The almost all-made “domestic Mitsubishi” loading vehicle also made many Chinese brands realize that only the technology with independent intellectual property rights is true. Hard power. Chery is one of them. After realizing the importance of R&D, Chery invested very early in the team of self-developed motors.

  Remember the Chery qiyun that year? That’s right, with the Tritec 1.6L motor developed by Chrysler and Rover, the Chery qiyun at that time had 116Ps of “powerful horsepower.” I have been impressed with this motor so far. It is not only more powerful than the Volkswagen Bora, Hyundai Elantra and Citroen Elysee motors of the same period, and the Tritec motor has also been assembled on the MINI model. The concept of imported motor’s own brand car has also been highly publicized, which is a smash hit.

  Chery ACTECO series motor can be regarded as China’s first forward-developed motor series. Its appearance represents that the Chinese brand has truly car motor technology since then. The entire motor product line is planned from 0.8L to 4.2L, and all support the Euro IV emission standard. In a sense, the earliest ACTECO motor has reached the level of the international motor at that time.

  The first generation Chery ACTECO motor can be seen as a representative of China’s self-developed motor series. Good start has a good continuation. When Chery discovered that turbocharging technology is maturing, starting from 2009, Chery’s second-generation ACTECO motor series was officially launched into the market. Its highlight technology is also keeping up with the trend of the times: The dual-VVT variable timing adjustment and turbocharged blessings allow the second-generation ACTECO motor to achieve overall improvements in power, economy and emissions.

  And our protagonist today, the Chery 1.6T direct-injection turbocharged motor, is part of the third-generation Chery ACTECO motor. As the first model of the new generation motor products, it has undergone a lot of upgrades compared with the previous products, bringing together many mainstream and advanced motor technologies at home and abroad, not only in terms of fuel consumption and power, but also benefiting from Modular concept, relying on the 1.6T motor design structure, there will be 1.6T high power version, 2.0T four cylinder and 1.2T three cylinder motor products in the future.

  The data performance of the new 1.6T motor is obvious to all, and according to motorers, the third-generation ACTECO motor will support 48V micro-hybrid system and P2 plug-in hybrid system in the future. Even in this series, they are developing a Miller cycle motor with thermal efficiency exceeding 40%.

  Since it is the first motor brand to realize independent intellectual property rights and mass production, we believe that Chery still has a lot of new technologies to try, but the world is not optimistic about the future of pure fuel vehicles, Chery’s four generations of motors will It is not clear in what form, but I believe that the general direction must be closely related to the direction of new energy.