Danfoss Motor – Three-Cylinder Motor: Advantages And Disadvantages

At present, the attitude of different brands of cars is completely different for the three-cylinder motor. Today, the     Danfoss Motor     analyzes the status quo of the three-cylinder motor.



Advantages and disadvantages of the three-cylinder motor


Many people think that some car brands develop three-cylinder motors to reduce costs, but in terms of R&D costs, the cost of re-developing a three-cylinder motor is obviously higher than continuing to use the existing four-cylinder motor, while the three-cylinder motor The advantage is not to reduce fuel consumption and energy saving. The real advantage of the three-cylinder motor is that it can reduce the weight of the body and reduce the weight of the body. It can also free up more space to achieve mixing. This is why many hybrid models use a three-cylinder motor.


Needless to say about the drawbacks of the three-cylinder motor, mainly the two aspects of vibration and noise. Due to the natural physical structure of the three-cylinder motor, the motor will produce more vibration than the four-cylinder motor, although many The three-cylinder motor uses techniques such as balance shaft and flywheel to reduce vibration, but still can’t compete with the four-cylinder motor. The other three-cylinder motor also produces more noise during ignition and rapid acceleration.


American cars are very radical


In fact, the reason why the three-cylinder motor has attracted much attention is that the entry model of the BMW 1 Series and the BMW X1 is equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder motor, but the more radical in the three-cylinder motor is the American-style car. Both Ford and GM have a large number of models equipped with three-cylinder motors, such as Ford Focus, Ford Focus, Buick Hideo, Chevrolet Kovaz, Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao XL and so on.


The new generation of Buick Hideo has completely replaced the 1.0T and 1.3T three-cylinder motors during the replacement, so the car was also controversial at the beginning of the listing, and the sales at the beginning of the market also showed a significant decline, but with The discount rate of Buick Hideo continues to increase, and the sales volume of this car has also increased. Although the current sales performance is not stable, the overall sales level is basically the same as that of the previous generation, so it is big. In the case of a favorable range, the three-cylinder motor did not significantly affect the sales of Buick Hideo.


German is very conservative


Whether in the domestic automotive market or in the global automotive market, the sales and technical level of German cars are relatively leading, and in terms of luxury brands, German cars also occupy more than half of the market, but German cars are treating The three-cylinder motor is still relatively conservative. Except for BMW’s 1.5T three-cylinder motor, there are few other models with three-cylinder motors. It is said that Volkswagen’s 1.2T motor and Mercedes-Benz 1.3T motor will be adopted. The structure of the three-cylinder, but eventually adopted a four-cylinder structure, it can be seen that most German brands still do not recognize the three-cylinder motor.


The BMW 1 Series equipped with a three-cylinder motor was not optimistic at the beginning of the market, and the pricing was too high, resulting in a somewhat unsatisfactory sales of the BMW 1 Series sedan version. The discount, but the sales volume has not played a particularly important role, the current sales of this car is relatively stable, the monthly sales are basically 3,000 to 4,000 or so, still not as good as the four-cylinder Audi A3 .


Japanese differentiation is obvious


Many people’s impression of Japanese cars is “economical and durable”. Most Japanese cars are relatively fuel-efficient and the quality is relatively stable. Therefore, Japanese cars are not radical in terms of technology. Brands such as Toyota and Mazda still pay more attention to naturally aspiring. The technology of the motor, even the popularity of turbocharging is not high, not to mention the attitude of the three-cylinder motor.


At present, Japanese cars have a relatively obvious polarization. Unlike Toyota and Mazda, Honda is more aggressive in motor technology. It not only popularizes turbocharged motors, but also replaces many of its models with three-cylinder motors. For example, the new Honda Lingpai has adopted a 1.0T three-cylinder motor, which directly eliminated the highly acclaimed 1.8L naturally aspirated motor from the previous generation.



Honda Lingpai is a family car specially built for the Chinese market. The sales performance of this car has been relatively stable since its launch. It is also a family car with relatively good space performance. The previous generation of Honda Ling’s 1.8L motor The performance is very good, not only the power is abundant, but also the fuel consumption is not high, and the new Lingpai system adopts the 1.0T three-cylinder motor. The power in the initial stage is weak, but the fuel consumption difference is not big, but from the sales side. Look, the three-cylinder motor has little effect on the sales of Lingpai, which may also be related to the reputation of Lingpai for many years, because the Honda enjoyment domain that also uses the three-cylinder motor is completely inferior to Honda.


Domestic is not bad


Since the development of domestically produced vehicles started relatively late, domestically produced vehicles are not as good as other cars in many aspects. However, in terms of three-cylinder motors, the performance of domestic brands is not worse than that of joint venture brands, and even some domestic brands of three-cylinder motors. Performance is better than other cars. Among the domestic brands, SAIC and Geely are relatively radical, and a large number of models use three-cylinder motors, such as SAIC Roewe i6, MG ZS, Geely Binyue, Lectra 02, and Lectra 03.


In the domestic three-cylinder motor model, the best sales performance is Geely Binhide. The current monthly sales volume is basically stable at around 10,000 units. The three-cylinder motor equipped by Binyue has excellent performance in terms of power. Therefore, this has become a big selling point of this car, and the domestic three-cylinder motor has indeed done a good job in suppressing vibration. For example, the three-cylinder motor of the Lectra 02 and the Lectra 03 are highly praised.


In general, the development of the three-cylinder motor is still in the exploratory stage. The attitude of different cars to the three-cylinder motor is also significantly different. The three-cylinder motor has different effects on the sales of different models, and it has a good reputation for itself. For a more cost-effective model, the impact of the three-cylinder motor is not large, but it will affect the acceptance of a certain car by some consumers to a certain extent.