DEM Digital Evidence Management Platform

Digital Evidence Management (DEM) system provides centralized management of multi-media evidences collected by officers’ body worn cameras (BWCs), including audios, videos, and photos. It allows centralized or distributed storage of the evidences, and makes it simple and easy to view, download, edit, and share evidences.


Highlights of DEM

Extended Capacity

Supports cloud-based data storage with large capacity. Supports smooth capacity extension without single point of failure.

High Security

Secures evidence with AES256 encryption.Adopts multi-level access control to prevent any unauthorized access.

Unified Management

Organizes evidence files collected from BWCs for unified management. Supports evidence categorization with tags for quick search.

Seamless Connection

Provides rich APIs to access diverse service platforms


Hytera RVM Evidence Management Software



Running on a PC the Smart MDM software collects and stores digital evidence from the Hytera RVM’s via a multi-unit charger. With an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) you can review, manage and share data simply and efficiently.


The software enables users to manage the device comprehensively, query and replay the local data, import and


The Hytera Digital Evidence Management (DEM) software platform collects and stores all the digital evidence from your Hytera recordable bodycam. By docking your Hytera body cam device into the specially designed multi-unit charger you can automatically export audio, video, and images directly to the DEM platform.