Business can unlash innovatively fun and interaction with the application of IFPD, Horion has been on this journey along with partners around the world.


Horion IFPD are used for hospitality display. The enterprises show open mind and confidence as they embrace the interaction from the very beginning at the entry. More interesting application of Horion IFPD activate the growth in business area, gaming kiosks (IFPD with vivid enclosures) generate more fun and attraction as people saw and interact with them.


Relevant cases

Singapore Shopping Mall


Horion IFPD supports vertical screen display, sensitive touch response speed, also it is with Mo7 tempered glass strength and super long service life, greatly meet the needs of shopping malls for entertainment touch equipment.


MCS Steel Group, Thailand


The exhibition hall of MCS Steel Company adopts the interconnection and interaction solution of Horion white panel and videowall. Through Horion white board, the screen is cast into the large screen of videowall to realize interconnection and interaction.


Fonterra Dairy Products Company, New Zealand


As the largest dairy company in New Zealand, Fonterra Dairy has extremely high requirements for establishing a corporate image.Using Horion IFP to show 4K corporate promotional video, and display the welcome speech, which can quickly enhance the emotional communication with customers.