Market survey: analyze and use scientific methods to collect, record and sort out relevant marketing information and data purposefully and systematically, analyze market conditions, understand the current situation and development trend of the market, and make decisions for market prediction and marketing.


Pre employment background check


Investigate the integrity of employees, explore the value of employees, and analyze employees.

Corporate background check services


As the saying goes, business is war without bullets, know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. In your enterprise, there will be significant cooperation or resource integration. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive enterprise credit survey, so as to avoid the blind spot of your capital investment.




If we don’t stop the trends of making and selling fake product in time, the brands that entrepreneurs that their teams have built for decades may be destroyed. Now, some small businesses make and sell fake products, and make behaviors that disturb the market.


Intellectual property protection


Intellectual property protection project is based on the Internet platform to follow up the market for property protection services, so that intellectual property rights become a real powerful weapon to determine the strategic development of enterprises. Save a lot of financial and material resources for the company.


Business competitive intelligence competition


Intelligence is the information research on competitive environment, competitors and competitive strategies. It is also a legal information research on competitive environment and competitors for a region or enterprise to gain market competitive advantage.