Global CompensationDistributed Team Services

GlotalPayroll services makes it easy to pay your team members around the world. Whether you have multiple remote employees or afully distributed team,GEOR is equipped to help.


Ensure that your overseas teams, receive their monthly paychecks on time.

With GEOR’s global payroll services, you can spend less time integrating vendors and platforms to pay your team. We help you streamline the entire process, eliminate human error, and pay your overseas employees, on time, every month.

Maintain compliance and reduce labor costs through a comprehensive compensation management system

Reduce administrative costs for your internal team and avoid financial deviations during the process of going offshore. We file all relevant information with the government from onboarding, leave, and local benefits to deductions, tax returns, and separations to ensure your local employees are hired and fully compliant.



Move fast with a partner who can keep up with your business

Most payroll brokers are slow and take over 6 months to set up accounts. With GEOR, your overseas team will have payroll configured within 5 business days, easily change payroll plans on the SaaS platform, and have the full support of our dedicated team 24/7.

How do you pay global salaries?

Employ employees on your behalf as a nominal employer (EOR)

Provide relevant hiring knowledge in the designated country so you can recruit like a local

Manage independent consultant payments for global employees.