Digital Mobile Radios(DMR)

Hytera DMR Two Way Radios

Hytera offers the best DMR radio for every scenario, whether for communication in the business environment, for usage in tunnels and mines, or for reliable communication for the police or fire service. From the light, compact BP series to professional H series. We connect people everywhere and improve safety and productivity.


Easy To Use

From the BP5 right up to the H series, our digital mobile radios are built for the real world-designed for the people using them. They often require minimal training and are intuitive to use.



Stylish and Robust

Our DMR radio has a superb design, and they’re also built to last. All of our radios take the rough with the smooth, helping you communicate wherever you go.


Key Benefits of DMR Radios


Digital & Analogue Compatible

Ensure a smooth transition from analogue to digital with dual mode functionality.


Noise Cancellation

Be heard anywhere with background noise cancellation, ensuring clarity wherever you go.


Rugged and Reliable

Our DMR radios are built to survive the toughest of conditions.


Text Messaging

Text messaging functionality with a one-touch feature for pre-programmed text messages and voice calls.


Safety Features

Stay safe at all times with lone worker, man down, emergency alarm and GPS positioning features.


Different Call Types

The right call type for every situation: individual call, group call, emergency call or broadcast call on all digital channels.