Tetra iBS Integrated Base Station

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The TETRA integrated Base Station (iBS) is a base station suitable for outdoor and indoor operation. Thanks to its small size and lightweight, the TETRA iBS is easily transported, flexibly mounted, and quickly deployed, which reduces the networking cost. The TETRA iBS can be mounted on walls and the top of antenna masts.


Highlights of Tetra iBS


Low Total Cost of Ownership

CAPEX saving: Without the need of cabinet and dedicated equipment room, the TETRA iBS is easy to deploy OPEX saving: The TETRA iBS features low power consumption, carrier- and controller-redundancy, and low failure rate


Wider Communication Coverage

High RF power (40 W) to extend communication coverageThe TETRA iBS can be installed close to RF antennas, which minimizes the losses and maximizes the coverage performance


Frequency Resource Saving

The carrier spacing is only 50 kHz, which improves the efficient use of frequency resources


Large Capacity

As a multi-carrier base station, the TETRA iBS makes you easily configure carrier capacity on the same hardware platform The two TETRA iBS can be deployed at one site, which provide 32 radio channels to handle large amounts of voice or data


High Reliability

With IP66 rating, the TETRA iBS is adapted to harsh and complex environments