DIMEI Wood End Tables

Nordic plywood end table endows the fairy tale color to the wooden furniture. DIMEI bentwood end table  combines natural elements and modern technology, and shows the fashion based on the use experience. Concise and practical furniture fits more with the lifestyle of urban youth. Well-selected nordic style plywood end table and the soft decoration layout is the core of the Nordic style. You can feel the natural atmosphere at home.


Different Types Of Plywood End Table For Sale

YT1-D/X End Table Modern Nordic Wooden End Table Plywood Table Bentwood Table

YT1-D/X End Table Modern Nordic Wooden End Table Plywood Table Bentwood Table


Plywood End Table Colors Selection


Advantages Of Plywood End Table

A plywood end table is a low-height table designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chair to support drinks, remote controls, magazines, books, ornaments, and other small objects. People use it when they are sitting comfortably and do not want to stand up to get staff.


Simple and practical

Nordic style abandons tedious decoration, simple and practical, seemingly simple connection, and hidden mystery, showing the sense of beauty, the whole plywood end table is simple and unadorned, natural and fresh, feel the life and color endowed by nature. The design of Nordic furniture is practical and simple, emphasizing comfort, and docking with the lifestyle of modern urban youth.


Natural material

Furniture is mainly made of wood, commonly used wood is oak, pine, etc. As for furniture selection of wood elements, plywood end table is also the characteristics of the Nordic style, retain the original texture of wood, highlighting the unique texture of wood, and has a strong texture, but also shows the gentle and delicate color. The plywood end table is simple in shape. Through the designer’s clever design, plywood end table outlines the simple shape and expresses the essence of Nordic style furniture. Especially with the log lamps and lanterns, the comfortable home space can feel the freedom of the soul.


The color is elegant and clean

Nordic style color is quietly elegant, and with the plywood end table color, to create a natural aesthetic space. The whole Nordic home space, no matter the color collocation, or the main tone, makes the whole furniture appears more warm, comfortable, and natural, natural beauty strengthens the space, warm meaning arises naturally, but also brings the owner a more solid sense of security. Clean and elegant colors, close to nature, and modern, simple, and natural home environment.


Characteristic Of Bentwood End Table

Solid-surface material, non-porous and impermeable. The bentwood end table is absolutely environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive. It is a countertop that can come into direct contact with food. Bentwood end table also has strong resistance to water, oil, stains, and bacteria, which is easy to clean. Besides, it is warm to the touch, resistant to heat and cold, impact-resistant, sturdy and durable, and not deformed.

The bentwood end table color is rich and colorful. There are net color, hemp color, and other series of collocation at will, which can meet a variety of different design requirements, let you freely play the imagination.


Maintenance of Bentwood End Table

1.Clean cloth

When cleaning and maintaining the bentwood end table, be sure to first determine whether the cloth used is clean. When cleaning or wipe away the dust, be sure to flip or change a clean rag to use again. Do not be lazy to reuse the side that has been dirty, which will only make dirt repeatedly in the bentwood end table surface rubbing. The opposite will damage the bright surface of the bentwood end table.


2. Choose the right care agent

If you want to maintain the original brightness of the bentwood end table, there are bentwood end table care spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent. Spray wax mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof glue board, and other materials such as a coffee table, and has a fresh floral scent. Cleaning and maintenance agent is suitable for a variety of forest, glass, synthetic wood end tables. Therefore, if you can use both the cleaning and care effects of maintenance products, you can save a lot of valuable time.