Table Runner

The table runner is made of natural different material (cotton, linen, jute, polyester) different colors (red, purple, grey, pink, yellow…) different size (10” 12” 14” 16” wide) different shape (rectangle, oval) for our life decor & events.


As a professional table runner manufacturer, Delicatedecor offers fashionable, the newest, seasonal, everyday use colorful table runners for wholesale prices because of the factory directly with its own printing workshop.


Besides colorful tablecloths, Delicatedecor also provides different types of table runners with cheap wholesale price for natural home decor, such as linen hemstitch table runner, give thanks hessian burlap runner and cotton runners. They are suitable for center table, cream garden table, dining table, oval table, round table, and so on. Each dispatch of personalised table runners we promised the fastest ETD, high quality, attractive prices!


Timely shipment (15-30) days

Excellent quality

Attractive prices

Free goods inspection report

1 year quality guarantee period

100% goods return policy problematic

New sample offers freely

Professional factory directly


Find Table Runner Made with Different Materials


Various Color Choice for Table Runner


Table Runner for Holiday Decor


Table Runner Selection-Shape, Size

Customized width:


Customized lenath:

36″/48″/60″/ 72″/90″/108″/120″/132″/144″/3m/5m/6m/10m


Rectangle Table Runner

Owning the right table is only half the battle. The most difficult part is how to choose the right table runner to decorate your table. If you are looking for a practical, economical, and extremely elegant triangle table runner, please choose from our triangle table runner series of different sizes and materials.


Triangle Table Runner

If you are looking for durable and high-quality table runners at reasonable prices, please don’t hesitate to check out our rectangular table runners. Our high-quality rectangular table runners can decorate and protect your tables. We provide rectangular table runners of different sizes and materials to enhance the delicacy of your tables for the wedding or outdoor garden decoration..


Table Runner Decor Ideas

Table runner for indoor use

These quilted table runners for sale offered by the professional table runner manufacturer, Delicatedecor, also specializing in decorative placemats, are great for home decor such as dining room, living room, here are a variety of sizes and colors for your beautiful stylish indoor decor. The elegant table runner will make your home, kitchen, bedroom, hotel & office cozier.


Table runner for outdoor use

As a professional table runner manufacturer, Delicatedecor, offers a gorgeous table setup with decor ropes that is something worth celebrating and the possibilities are endless during the holiday season. The linens and place settings you use also help create the ambiance, and nothing is better for defining style and space than a table runner. A good choice for daily use, holiday gift, wedding, parties. events. Decor together with flowers, wood, candles, plates to make it more natural and pretty.


Table Runners Sizing Guide

How to choose the right size of table runner?

As a professional table runner wholesale manufacturer/factory, here are our suggestions for you. To choose the appropriate size for your garden table runner or wedding table runner, you should measure the width of the table and divide it by three. For example, if you have a square or rectangular table that is 60 inches wide, the width of the table runner should be 20 inches wide. This will leave enough space on both sides of the table so that the place settings will not overlap with your high-quality table runners. The length of the table runner is up to you. Ideally, it should hang at least six inches from both ends of the table, but it should not hang further than the tablecloth. For example, if your table is 70 inches long, your high-quality table runners should be at least 82 inches long, leaving 6 inches at each end of the table. As the home decor, your table runners are allowed to be hung on each end of the table; if you are stacking the tablecloth, it should not be lower than your tablecloth.


What size table runner do you need?

Table Runner Width     Table Runner Length

10inches 48inches, 72inches, 90inches, 108inches ,120inches

12inches 72inches, 90inches, 108inches, 120inches

13inches 72inches, 90inches, 108inches, 120inches

14inches 72inches, 90inches, 108inches, 120inches

16inches 72inches, 90inches, 108inches, 120inches

18inches 72inches, 90inches, 108inches, 120inches

30cm 183cm, 274cm, 300cm, 460cm, 500cm, 10m

35cm 183cm, 274cm, 300cm, 460cm, 500cm, 10m

38cm 183cm, 274cm, 300cm, 460cm, 500cm


Table Runners for Your Special Needs and Select

Custom Table Runner

Our table runner is a kind of home textile that reflects life quality and taste. Delicatedecor offers custom service for customers who want personalized table runners with private style. You can customize your high-quality table runner by deciding color, material, size, shape, and pattern first.  We can also give you our different table runner samples for different occasions such as home table runner, garden table runner, and wedding table runner as your reference. Our table runner factory will try to meet every need of you!


Heatproof Table Runner

The main function of the table runner is home decor. It is generally made of high-quality textiles, with bright colors and high gloss. When it is spread on the table, the decorative effect is very good. Home decor table runners are generally spread on the table which although cannot be completely covered, can still play a certain anti-fouling effect so that the area covered by the table runner is not easy to get dirty. In addition, the table runner can also protect the table to a certain extent since it can be heatproof.


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