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Direct Factory

1. Yiwu Economic Development Zone on the side of Jingfa Avenue

2. Beiyuan Industrial Zone, on Danxi North Road and Chunyu Road

3. Yinan Industrial Zone, Fotang Town, east of Choufo Road, Fotang Town

4. Yibei Industrial Zone, Suxi Town, on the southeast side of Suxi Township

5. Yixi Industrial Zone in Shangxi Town, just on the provincial highway of Shanxi

6. Yidong Industrial Zone in Niansanli, on the north side of Niansanli Town

7. There are also industrial areas in Houzhai, Heyetang, Dachen, Chengxi, and Qingkou.


“First-hand sources, eliminating intermediate channels, goods are sent directly from the factory to the family…” Are these words familiar? This is a sales model for some private custom products. In the Internet era, this sales model has become possible based on a fast logistics distribution mechanism.


In the global small commodity distribution center Yiwu, this change is particularly significant, the OEM (original commissioned production) factories of the world’s major brands are densely distributed here, from small zipper buttons, jewelry stationery, to shoes and bags, kitchen furniture. It is not difficult to find that the most primitive products are born here by carefully disassembling the redundant chain behind the famous brand.