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How We Work

Our service:


For life:

All kinds of tickets booking;

Picking up from airport;

Hotel booking;

Available car during all your stay in YIWU;

Different kinds of restaurant recommendation.

24 hours translator if you need.


For Work:

A. At least 2 staff following with you in the market, translate for you and make records for all the items you chose in the market (sizes, weight, packing details ect). And also taking professional pictures for all the items you chose, making a final USB flash drives with all the pictures and price, packing, cbm information inside.

B. Particular 3000 m2 warehouse for your own using, both in Yiwu and Ningbo;

C. Best seller recommendations every week; we will send quotations with detailed pictures and best price for the best selling items every week. And we can also sourcing and recommend according to your requirements.

D. Quality control department, 20 people QC team will inspect all the items one by one before shipment, taking pictures for your reference; Taking video during the whole loading process to ensure loading quality for every container.

E. Professional pictures of all products will be sent to you as soon as we load the container, then you can do some sales in advance; Professional designers will design particular artwork as you required.

F. Support from insurance company. We can get support from insurance company and give you some credit amount, if so, we can release the container to you without getting your payment for maximum 90days, which can help to relieve your financial pressure.


Consolidate service

Sellers Union has offices in Ningbo, Yiwu and Shantou. And we can not only accompany you to the Yiwu Market, but also help buying from Ningbo direct factories, or any direct factories all over China. Help you collect goods from different places . and arrange inspection and arrange shipment for you.


How to open your own store


No matter how many times you start a business, if you want to run a custom shop successfully, based on the experience of successful entrepreneurs in the past, you can start from the following steps in how to start up a shop: select the right product type and business name, verify your product ideas, and according to the business plan, combined with local licenses and government regulations, choose the most appropriate means of transportation and order quantity. TOP-EASE will help you from finding and validating your moneymaking ideas, small retail store design to figuring out your shipping strategy, and finally launching a product or service that suits you.


We sincerely hope we can know each other better by e-mail or call, and start our business in the near future!