Electric Automatic Water Filter

The Electric automatic filter is one kind of automatic water filter. It owns a large filtering area and good effect. It can operate under low system pressure. The PLC controller connects with the central control system to realize remote control. The horizontal Electric Automatic Filter has a coarse and fine two-stage screen.


Features and Advantages of Electric Automatic Water Filter



Large filtering area, good effect


It can operate under low system pressure


Backwash water consumption is only 45 L/once


PLC controller, can realize the transmission of work signal to the central control room, remote control


The filter medium is filtered by the coarse and fine filter screen


Specification of Electric Automatic Water Filter

Nominal flow per unit


Maximum operating pressure

10 bar (150psi), 16 bar, 25bar

Pressure loss during the cleaning

0.1 bar (2psi)

The highest working water temperature


The range of filter fineness


Water volume self-cleaning needed


Self-cleaning time

15 seconds

Self-cleaning control mode

PLC controller

Electronic control model

Three-phase, 037KW

The type of filter screen

316I woven mesh, wedge-shaped metal-mesh