Emergency Light Manufacturers – Fire Emergency Light: How To Wire?


There are many places where fire emergency lights can be used. For example, in the staircases of civil buildings, fire emergency lights are installed on the walls of large shopping malls or office buildings. How to connect the fire emergency light, the     Emergency Light Manufacturers     to introduce some key points of the fire emergency light wiring, I hope to help all friends.


How to connect fire emergency lights

    First of all, the main concern is that all types of fire emergency lights should be set up with dedicated lines, no switches are set in the middle. Two-wire and three-wire emergency lights can be unified on a dedicated power supply. It should be noted that the emergency light source should comply with relevant regulations and requirements. Generally speaking, the fire emergency light has four wires, one normal fire wire can control the daily lighting or charging; one emergency strong fire wire is in phase with the normal fire wire, provided by the strong contactor; one zero wire; one Ground wire. It is easier to understand the name and function of these lines before wiring. The signal line of the fire emergency light is not connected to the positive and negative poles, and can be directly connected to the line of the emergency light indicator.


Fire emergency light wiring points

1. Fire emergency light installation personnel should have an accurate grasp and understanding of the characteristics of various wiring methods to avoid blind wiring and fail to achieve the purpose of normal use.

2. If the fire emergency light is also used as part of the daily lighting, you can choose the three-wire controllable connection method.

3. For multi-storey public buildings without a dedicated control center, the fire emergency lights of various parts can be connected with local switch control or centralized control in the distribution box.

4. If there is a fire center in the building, in order to meet the emergency needs in the fire, the control center line should be able to open the emergency lighting of the fire floor or the corresponding floor.