Entertainment Center Fall Protection

Still Using Foam Pits for Trampoline Park Equipment Fall Protection?

Replace your foam or standard airbag with technology that is smarter, safer and more cost efficient!

What’s wrong with foam pits? Bacteria live and breed within the foam blocks, which means potentially unsanitary conditions. Since foam can never be properly cleaned, the only way to prevent this bacteria from spreading is to regularly replace your blocks—not cheap! Plus, there’s a risk of inhaling the dust material inherent in foam once it starts to break down.

i2k’s AirPad (inflatable airbag) is made of antimicrobial and antiviral material. Your AirPad stays cleaner while it’s in use, and it’s easy and fast to sanitize! AirPad’s easy sanitization feature is one of many imitated, never fully replicated features by our competitors.

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