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inflatable fall protection



For what reason Do Gymnasts and Athletes Land On Us?

We’re the confided in supplier of fall security hardware for acrobatic on the grounds that we assemble AirPads with the most exceptional effect innovation that anyone could hope to find. Our ZeroShock innovation offers unrivaled fall assurance to gymnasts and competitors, everything being equal.


Not exclusively are i2k AirPads more delicate than standard fall inflatables and froth pits, gymnasts can likewise securely land anyplace on the sack — straight up to the edge — without getting skipped or harmed!


The Dirty Truth About Foam Pits

Conventional froth pits loaded up with froth impedes gather microscopic organisms and crumble after some time. In our post-Coronavirus world continually cleaning froth can make it separate quicker, making it costly to keep up with and supplant.


With AirPads, you get a good deal on upkeep costs, on the grounds that i2k AirPads keep going for quite a long time even with dully weighty use. The top sheet is not difficult to perfect and cheap to supplant. Likewise, dissimilar to froth landing frameworks, AirPads won’t hold onto scents, residue, and microbes. They won’t separate and spread risky froth pellets.


Tumbling Mat versus AirPads: Why Choose AirPads Over Foam Mats?

Conventional vaulting froth pits can dry out over the long run and crumble with use, making even a supple froth blockfeel hard and weak. Make gentler, safer arrivals by utilizing AirPad innovation at your rec center.


Stop your quest for another aerobatic landing mat and reach us about how AirPads can add additional degrees of security to your exercise center or athletic club.

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