Entrance (Hallway)

Entrance (Hallway) FAQs

Key Measurements : Hallway Design Fundamentals

The importance of hallways cannot be overstated. After all, they are utilized many times each day. While we may give them little attention relative to other parts of the house, they deserve consideration. They can provide opportunities to showcase artwork, emphasize focal points or play with light. Whether your hall is wide or narrow, you can take advantage of shapes, details or color to get more pleasure from your house.


6 Decor Tips for a Stunning Small Entryway

When it comes to having an inviting and well-decorated entryway, constraint drives creativity. A small entryway gives you the opportunity to tastefully introduce your home’s style without the pressure of furnishing an entire room. From organizational to ornamental, these small entryway decor ideas will help you realize a space that’s both balanced and beautiful.