F2 Mini Muscle Gun


Beoka mini muscle massager F2 got high stall force of 13.5kg, it uses percussive therapy to increase blood flow to a specific muscle area, which can help to reduce inflammation and muscle tension, Mini Massage guns are also used prior to intense workouts to help warm up muscles ahead of the activity.


The traditional massage method can only reach the superficial subcutaneous tissue, not the deep muscle tissue. The MINI muscle massager can act on the deep muscle tissue of the human body through continuous and rapid high-frequency vertical vibration, promote metabolism, comb the myofascial membrane, and effectively relieve muscle soreness. At the same time, the receptors of the sensory organs are inhibited by the constant vibration stimulation of muscle soreness. 

This special design for the outside shape.


Specification Of F2 Mini Muscle Gun



Effects Of F2 Mini Muscle Gun


Removal Of Adhesions After Injury Or Surgery

Reduce Muscle Tension And Inflammation

Deep Muscle Tissue

Rapid High-Frequency Vertical Vibration

Suppress Muscle Soreness

Mini Massage Gun For Muscle Treatment

Comb Myofascial Membrane

Promote Metabolism

Increase Lymphatic Circulation