The industrial spray gun is specifically designed for automotive body and industrial work, providing excellent results and mirror-like paint effects. Industrial spray guns provide high-speed, precise applications and the best precision to ensure cost-effective, high quality manufacturing, ideal for industrial production.


The industrial spray gun has a fine-tuning function. The external mixed air industrial paint sprayer has a fine spray adjustment function, and the reinforced base with a cam lock closure provides professional results. Industrial spray guns are made of solid metal and are powder-coated for added durability.


Industrial spray guns can be applied to various fields to meet diverse needs. Whatever you need, ZEGO provides high quality and economical industrial spray guns for customers. Since ZEGO is the only supplier of full-line high-end spray guns with no O-ring design, which is innovative, durable, and easy to clean. Innovative products supplied by ZEGO can easily meet customer’s specific needs. With advanced mechanical technology and a professional team, ZEGO is confident and ready to provide high-end industrial paint sprayers for sale and expertise in selecting and purchasing industrial paint spray guns. Browse our website and welcome to contact us for more details.