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Faber Tile Cleaner | Acidic Cleaner

Faber Tile Cleaner | Acidic Cleaner


  • Slightly acidic tile cleaner compatible with all acid resistant floor and wall tiles

  • It removes deep impregnated dirt and old patinas & discolorations

  • The product is capable of penetrating deep inside the tile and extracting residue

  • It will remove dirt residue from the top of the tile and from inside the tile

  • The product is highly compatible with old, porose and badly stained floor tiles

  • Highly concentrated, fast acting, pretty safe and very easy to use on all floors

  • Suitable for residential tile cleaning projects and also for commercial tile cleaning

  • It can be used with a standard mopping system or with a scrubber drier

  • The recommended dilution rate is 1 to 20 but it can be increased / decreased 

  • A premium quality floor cleaning detergent for tough floor cleaning projects

  • Faber Tile Cleaner | Acidic Cleaner can be used in conjunction with a scrubber