• $15.24

Faber Tile Cleaner Gel

Faber Tile Cleaner Gel


  • The ideal tile cleaner for vertical surfaces and all water washable surfaces

  • It attaches to the surface and starts breaking the dirt apart within seconds

  • Slightly acidic, water based, highly concentrated and very cost effective

  • It can be used on all types of polished tiles, unpolished tiles and worktops

  • Capable of removing ingrained dirt from inside natural stones with porosity

  • It restores the original appearance of the tile without affecting the base material

  • It can be used diluted for day to day cleaning or undiluted for deep cleaning

  • It will remove residue and patina left by unsuitable tile cleaning products

  • Suitable for residential cleaning and also for commercial cleaning projects

  • The product cannot be used on materials that are highly acid sensitive