• $12.60

Faber Wax Remover

Faber Wax Remover


  • Alkaline based wax remover suitable for removing thick layers of wax & sealants

  • Also an amazing stain remover, grout cleaner and powerful floor degreaser / oil remover

  • It can be used in conjunction with Faber Solvent Stripper to enhance its qualities

  • The ideal product for removing cement residue from acid sensitive surfaces / floors

  • It dissolves mould, algae, deep impregnated organic growth and most bio residues

  • Highly concentrated, low cost and suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use

  • To be diluted 1 to 5 for tough jobs and 1 to 10 for average condition floor cleaning jobs

  • It can be used as a floor stripper, a deep floor cleaning solution or as a stain remover

  • Compatible with all artificial and natural stone floors and walls, patios, footpaths, etc

  • It can remove up to 3 layers of water based floor sealers, waxes, polishes, protectors