Fantasy essays

Fantasy essays

The fantasy story has a lot in common with the experience story, but differs from it in one essential point: In the fantasy story, the student is allowed to cross  the boundaries of reality. It should represent a fantastic experience in such a way that it contains unrealistic elements,  but does not drift completely into the irrational  and contradict the laws of logic in every sentence.

This is exactly where the particular difficulty of this type of essay lies for many students (use write my paper service to create one): Quite a few overshoot the mark and get lost in stories that list a hodgepodge of fantastic elements in just a few lines (dwarfs, magical powers, time travel, etc.) without building up a coherent plot. In this respect, it is important to incorporate the fantasy aspect into an otherwise realistic environment.

Since this is often a big challenge for primary school students, you should only dare to take such a text type for the entrance exam if you are an “essay professional”, practice writing texts with our wgu capstone project writing, and have mostly received good grades so far.

  1. If Animals Could TalkWhat would happen if animals could talk? What would they say? Would your pets tell you something very special? 
  2. The wishlamp You will find a wish lamp on a hike. The spirit from the lamp grants you three wishes. What do you wish for  
  3. The unexpected guestI was home all alone when the doorbell suddenly rang. I opened the door and saw … ” Keep writing the story ( write your essay with Who came to visit? What did you and the unexpected guest do?  
  4. The life of a backpackYou are a backpack. What do you experience What are your days like Who is your owner  
  5. The monster under the bedOne night you find a monster under the bed. How do you react Are you trying to deal with the monster by yourself or are you going to get help?  
  6. My dream tripImagine you could go on your absolute dream trip. Where would you go Who would come with you 
  7. The adventureTell about an adventure that you had. It can be true or it can be made up.  
  8. … “I sat motionless and tried not to make a peep. But then it happened: I had to sneeze.” Tell a story using these sentences. You can be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the story! Also put a suitable title. 

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