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Need Help Writing the Essay?

Need Help Writing the Essay?

Writing an essay always seems like some huge, daunting task, doesn’t it? It’s easy to get so anxious about it that sitting down and writing the essay is nearly impossible. But if you break the process down into smaller pieces, writing an essay is actually quite doable.

The most important part of writing the essay is the first step—figuring out what essaytyper want to say. Usually your topic will be an opinion you have, and you should be prepared to support your reasons for holding this opinion in the body of your essay. Once you’ve got a solid grasp on just what it is you want to get across in your essay, you have to figure out how it is you’re going to get your point across. If you’re making a strong argument in your essay, make sure to be thorough in your research, and back up your statements with clear examples.

In a personal essay in which you tell a story, you still need to think about the point you are trying to make. Why is this story interesting? It might be about the first time you rode a bike, but can it also be about something bigger–like fear, courage, or the tenacity of the human will? If you can’t figure out why your story is interesting, it probably isn’t. Fix it!

Finally, the last step in writing the essay is actually writing it. Don’t let your critical side choke your creativity “study moose“! Start by thinking about your topic and writing down any thought that comes to mind. Pretend that you’re having a long, rambling talk with someone who is very difficult to convince. When you have written down all your thoughts you should start to form them into an argument (making an outline is very helpful here.) Once you have your developed outline for writing the essay, just revise it until it makes its point efficiently and artfully. And don’t forget to have fun!


Fool-Proof Tricks for How to Write and Essay

If you’ve ever found yourself banging your head on your desk because you’re having a hard time figuring out how to write and essay, bang no more—by breaking down the essay writing process into smaller and smaller chunks, you can make the monster much more manageable. You first step should be brainstorming. This is where you sit down at a desk, a computer, or in front of your TV (hey, everyone works differently) and writing down all the good ideas that come to you. Your essay topic should be something that you feel strongly about.

After you’ve brainstormed until you’re ready to drop, take a break. Think about what you just wrote down. Come back to it, look it over, and decide on your strategy. For which point do you think you can form the strongest my perfect words? Which story is the most powerful? Try sketching out these possibilities in your mind until you can settle on an essay topic you feel comfortable with.

So you’ve found your topic. Great! Now all that remains is building your argument so that it is strong and convincing, and shaping the essay into its final form. A well built argument is a well researched argument. Get yourself to a library, or the Internet, or wherever it is you need to go to find enough information so that you can speak on your topic authoritatively. If you are writing a personal essay, consider what the moral of the story is, and see if you can elaborate on it in a creative way.

One thing that’s important to remember about how to write and essay is that it’s not just about convincing people, it’s also about being fun to read. Pay attention to edubirdie reviews. After all, you’re not going to persuade many people if your essay is so cumbersome they put it down before finishing. If you remember to divide up the work of how to write and essay into simpler tasks, you will be writing killer essays in no time.