UEN-M Series Matte TPU


Applied Fields: High-end market TPU wire & cable products with fine, homogeneous matte surface effect.


Characteristics: Fine, homogeneous matte surface effect; slim and soft-touch rubber feel.


Applicable fields:


1. All kinds of cables and optical cables with matte and matte characteristics are required for the outer quilt;


2. The outer quilt of various cables that can pass the CSA FT-2 horizontal combustion test.


Product features:


1. Even, delicate, soft, and smooth matte and matte appearance;


2. Excellent mechanical properties, elasticity and wear resistance;


3. Processing characteristics: excellent processing efficiency and processing performance, the production efficiency of 60-100 meters per minute can be achieved by using the same PVC screw machine, and there is very little deterioration such as drooling, particles, bulging, and pitting during processing.


Product commonality:


1. Environmental performance: fully meet the requirements of internationally accepted environmental protection directives such as RoHS (REV.2.0), REACH regulations, SVHC substances, and GP;


2. Environmental resistance characteristics: According to the application requirements of customers, anti-UV, anti-static, and other characteristics can be added without changing their basic performance.