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Soft Shell Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale

S size ST701-1.3ATA HBOT

1.3ATA soft lying type hyperbaric oxygen chamber with the most affordable price. Suitable for someone with a relatively slim body.


S size ST702-1.5ATA HBOT

The soft model can stand the same pressure as hard chambers 1.5ATA but is much cheaper than hard chambers.


M size ST801-1.3/1.4ATA HBOT

The hot sale soft lying type, portable and convenient for home use with a nice appearance and affordable price, big enough for one person lying inside.


L size ST901-1.3ATA HBOT

Large size soft lying type can accommodate one adult and one child, allow these younger children can enjoy the therapy with their mother or father.


MACY-PAN provides many kinds of soft hyperbaric chamber for sale.  The soft hyperbaric chamber, also known as portable hyperbaric chambers, injects oxygen into the body to help cure and treat various diseases. Portable hyperbaric chamber cost is usually lower than the hard hyperbaric chamber.


Soft sided hyperbaric chamber overview


The soft shell hyperbaric chamber for sale is designed for climbers and divers. Soft sided hyperbaric chamber, called mild HBOT or mHBOT, is a portable chamber sealed with a zipper. The portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber can reach pressure levels around 1.3ATA and usually provide 24% oxygen levels. Soft sided hyperbaric chamber was originally designed for divers and climbers until they can be transported to hard-edged cabins, but the aim is never to use soft-edged cabins for treatment.


In normal life, people breathe indoor air with an oxygen concentration of 21%. The portable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber uses 24% oxygen. By contrast, when you see people being transported by ambulance and wearing oxygen masks, they get 55% of the oxygen. The hard shell hyperbaric chamber provides 100% oxygen. Moreover, these figures do not take into account differences in stress levels.


Advantages of MACY-PAN soft shell hyperbaric chamber


The soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber has the same principle as the medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which can well help patients with diseases or sub-healthy people to perform health care and physical therapy. The soft lying hyperbaric chamber is for people to lie and have a rest inside the chamber to get the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Soft chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy is popular amongst parents, children, elderly, athletes, physicians, celebrities… Soft shell hyperbaric chamber can be widely used in homes, clinics and other locations.


Lying type hyperbaric chamber is enough space for 1 person to lie inside.


2-way zippers make sure the security of the chamber capsule.


Can operate the hyperbaric oxygen chamber by oneself.


Multiple windows, good visibility inside the chamber.


Less weight to be easy to carry to another place.