LANDYOUNG FRP box is a composite material profile made of E-glassfiber, unsaturated polyester resin or vinyl resin by SMC process or DMC process.

FRP meter box includes FRP metering box, FRP control box, FRP branch box, FRP branch box, FRP gas box etc.



●Beautiful appearance—The box body is made of SMC sheet molding compound by high temperature one-time compression molding. The surface of the box body is flat and smooth, the color is uniform, and it is not easy to be scratched.

●Good mechanical properties—The box body is made of SMC composite material, which is lightweight, high-strength, high-density, and low-porosity.

●Strong chemical corrosion resistance–The cabinet adopts composite materials as raw materials, which can be resistant to water, most acids, alkalis, salts and some organic solvents, as well as ultraviolet light. It has good corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties, and can adapt to various In a harsh environment, all metal fittings have been rust-proofed, and the service life of the overall indoor installation of the box is extended to 50 years, and the service life of outdoor installation is 30 years.

●Good dielectric and flame-retardant performance—the cabinet material itself is insulated and has good high-voltage protection performance; after adding the corresponding flame retardant, its flame-retardant performance can reach FV0 level.

●Unique structure, convenient installation and maintenance—The cabinet adopts integral or combined structure design, which can be combined from several basic units into a variety of complex composite units according to needs. The combination, installation, use and maintenance are extremely convenient.

●Good heat preservation performance—The thermal conductivity of the box material is low, which can effectively protect the equipment in the box.

●Good anti-theft—The SMC composite material used in the box body has no recycling value and can avoid the worry of theft.