Gaabor Air-fryer

Gaabor smokeless air fryer is a type of kitchen appliance that has continuously attracted the attention of fried food lovers in the near term.


As the star product of home appliance brand Gaabor, the Gaabor smokeless air fryer produced by the professional air fryer factory is committed to provide to users the healthier fried foods experiences in their own kitchens.


Whatever you want to make (for example, fried fish or chips or chicken meat or donuts), after the menu settings, Gaabor 4L air fryer will carry out the accurate cooking according to the set temperature and time, so as to make the crispy foods. For instance, within a short period of 10-12 minutes, users only use half spoon of oil to cook a pot of crispy chips.


Air-fryer Design

Compared with the traditional fried foods, almost all foods cooked with the air fryer are much healthier. Its making process is very fast and it may provides the delicious and crispy foods. Besides, the calories and fats contained in the cooked foods are only half of foods fried with traditional methods.


Gaabor smokeless air fryer mainly develops the Gaabor Cyclone air cold and hot circulation ventilation system + Accurate sectional and cooking + Oil-Fume filtering system, which heats the foods in a more evenly manner, controls the temperature in a more stable manner, quickly locks the water content, obtains the fried and crispy taste, and provides much healthier diet experiences to users.


Healthy Air Fryer Recipes

Gaabor smokeless air fryer is featured with Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot circulation ventilation system + Accurate sectional and cooking + Oil-Fume filtering system, which adds a “fresh preservation” option to the standard air fryer’s functions, making food evenly heated and stable in temperature control. It ensures that the food is juicy, healthy and nutritious.


How to Use the Air Fryer

Make delicious fried chicken drumsticks with the Gaabor smoke-free air fryer in three steps.


First, marinate the chicken slightly in advance, wrap it up in some fried chicken powder.


Secondly, put it into the preheated air fryer, set the temperature to 200°C for about 10 minutes.


Thirdly, flip the chicken over and put an appropriate amount of chili powder, and cook another 10 minutes.


After a short wait, we can get the perfect fried chicken drumstick with crunchy skin and juicy inside, and this kind of fried chicken drumstick with less oil is safer and healthier for sharing with our family.



How to Clean Air Fryer Oven

Take out the fryer/basket, turn the air fryer device upside down.You must turn the entire device upside down and place it on a flat desktop. Use a soft soap sponge to scrub the inner cavity and heating element (you can also use a soft brush), first scrub the oil stains on the surface of the heating tube coil.Try not to use steel wire balls or hard brushes to clean the inside. If there are dirty stains, you can use a soft brush or a medium-hard brush to clean the food residue stuck on the heating element, and finally wash it with clean water.


What Is the Difference between Air Fryer and Convection Oven?

The oven is suitable for making more significant portions of food. The air fryer is more convenient if you make smaller portions of food.


Compared to the oven, Gaabor air fryer has the following advantages:


1, Compared to the oven, Gaabor air fryer does not need to preheat, and cooking time is shorter.


2, Gaabor air fryer’s non-stick liner design, is very easy to clean.


3, Gaabor air fryer can be used without oil frying food, more suitable for weight loss people.


4, air fryer than the oven is small and does not take up kitchen space.