Precautions for the Maintenance and Use of Rice Maker Cookers

1. Precautions for using the rice maker cooker


When using a rice maker cooker to cook all kinds of food, you must master the method and pay attention to some details.


(1) When you are using the rice maker electric to cook food, after putting the inner pot in, it is best to turn the inner pot left and right so that the inner pot is in close contact with the electric heating plate so that the heating speed is fast.


(2) When using the rice maker electric to cook food, the automatic tripping does not mean that the food is cooked because it is not within the predetermined function range. It is best to adjust it by yourself, and then you can turn off the power and open the lid when the food is cooked.


(3) The automatic rice cooking machine cannot cook acid-base food, so do not heat the food that is not suitable for cooking, so as not to damage the inner pot of the rice maker cooker.


(4) Do not disassemble the electrical components of the rice maker cooker at will, otherwise, the components will be damaged, which will affect its performance and use effect.


(5) If the power cord of the rice maker electric is damaged, do not continue to use it to prevent leakage of electricity during use, which may cause serious failures.


(6) If the rice maker cooker is not used for a long time, the rice maker cooker should be cleaned and stored in a box for the next use.


2. How to maintain the rice maker cooker?


Most rice maker cookers are heated by electric heating wires, and then the heat is transmitted to the bottom of the pot through the base plate to cook the rice. Therefore, the key is the maintenance of the base plate and the bottom of the pot.


Gaabor GR-N18A 1.8 litre rice cooker is suitable for the use of 3 to 4 people, which can steam, fry and boil various dishes, so as to meet your daily cooking needs; it has advantages of food-grade non-stick coating, easy to clean and maintain, two-stage heating, control at any time.


So how do we usually maintain it?


(1) Keep the bottom of the pot hygienic and dry. It is best to remove the sundries at the bottom of the pot before and after each use, and wipe it dry with a dry cloth;


(2) Try not to let the pot touch hard objects, which will cause the pot to deform and affect the transmission of heat, and do not get the pot wet, so as to avoid the base plate being soaked in water when it comes into contact with the base plate;


(3) Do not put the pot on the gas stove to cook things, as this will easily deform the pot, and when it is placed in the rice maker electric again, it is prone to uneven heating.


(4) If the rice maker cooker is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned. When cleaning, soak the rice in hot water, then remove the rice, wipe it with a damp cloth, and finally rinse it with water several times.


(5) The dust and dirt on the cover of the rice maker cooker should be cleaned in time, otherwise the dirt will accumulate and fall on the rice, which will affect human health.