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Galvanized Steel Wire (GSW)

Galvanized steel strand wire can be used as ground wire of overhead line, but also can be used as structural cable, supporting cable, cable, block cable and cable reinforcement core. The galvanised stranded wire is made of wire twisted together. There are mainly ASTM standards, BS standards, IEC standards and other production standards. It is widely used in energy, construction, bridge, water conservancy and geotechnical engineering, and galvanized steel wire wholesale is also available.


Galvanized Steel Wire (GSW) Features



Different fromaac gnat conductor, its standard is BS183, ASTM A475.




Compared with aac all aluminum conductor , the single steel wires are concentrically stranded and wrapped helically around a central wire.




This type of bare conductor cable is suitable for cores of ACSR,  be used in the aerial transmission line as the line material of ground connection.