3 Inch Wire Hook Ratchet Strap-China LG Manufacture

3″ Ratchet Straps with wire hooks each end and the wire hooks are extremely strong.


And these cargo control products usually made by the highest quality tie down webbing.


Used mostly for flatbed trailers and trailer interiors and moving trucks, and many other types of trucks and trailers.


And the standard ratchet strap assemblies material are polyester webbing.


They are versatile and easy to use.


Simply attach each hook to a point and then pull the webbing through the ratchet, and crank to tighten it.


Fitted with wire hooks (also called double J hooks), which are ideal for attaching to D-rings and other narrow anchor points.


Hooks and ratchet all have a zinc coating over the steel in order to protect against weathering and corrosion.


Specifications of 3 Inch Wire Hook Ratchet Strap-China LG Manufacture



Working Load Limit


Ratchet Handle/Hook

AL Handle/Double J Hook

Ratchet Color

Yellow Zinc Plated

Webbing Material


Webbing Length


Webbing Width



Truck, Trailer, Rail Car