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100% focus on global expats recruitment

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Our mission

GEOR’s headhunting team focuses on the recruitment of mid-to-highly experienced expats from around the world to support China’s One Belt One Road policy. We provide our Chinese enterprise clients with efficient and high-quality international talent research, optimization of the talent structure increased international competitiveness and successful entry into global markets.

More than 10 years of headhunting service experience

A professional headhunting team with 10 years of headhunting experience. At the same time, an overseas business department was established to expand overseas cooperation channels and help Chinese companies recruit global expats.


Rich global expats reservation

Based on the accumulation of our website for many years, we have obtained a rich global expats resource pool. The nationality of expats spans the globe, with focus in Europe, United States and in the Asian-Pacific regions.

Focusing on industry segments

Focused service companies / industries include domestic high-tech companies, e-commerce companies, gaming companies, medical / pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing and education industries with overseas talent demand.


Familiar with expats employment policies

Familiar with expats employment policies and visa procedures, etc., to help enterprises successfully recruit global expats.

Outstanding social media and community operations capabilities to reach candidates quickly

Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook posted posts simultaneously, increasing customer job exposure. Managing operations in more than 200 foreign WeChat groups. Employment postings in these groups can reach more than 10000+ global expats in one day.


Rich offline activities to increase talent engagement

From time to time, special high-quality global expats recruitment conferences, salons, lectures, and marketplaces are held to understand the needs of both companies and talents at a close distance, increasing service quality and talent engagement.