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Kitchen Sink and Drying Rack

Toposon’s kitchen sink and drying rack is designed for simple installation. The parts, tools are included. It just takes a few minutes to fasten the screws.


Features of Kitchen Sink and Drying Rack


Durable and Sturdy, the large dish rack is made of stainless steel with a anti-rust coating, easy to clean. 


Multifunction Design, the dish strainer consists of three parts. The middle 2 tier of the dish rack can place any items you need. 


Universal Storage, the first tier of the dish drying rack, the second tier can store bowls, jars, bottles and goblets, spices, perfect for your kitchen countertop.


Adjustable Feet, adjustable feet prevent the shelf shaking causing the item you place to fall down.


Specification of Kitchen Sink and Drying Rack


Stainless Steel


Modern Simplicity

Authorized Private Brands


General Taxpayer Or Not