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Get Holistic Treatment for EDs: Best Sexologist in Patna, Bihar | Dr. Sunil Dubey

Know your erection problems:

Are you a sexual patient suffering from erection problems?

Have you observed that you have to work harder to get or maintain an erection during your sexual activity?

You feel that your penile sometimes has an erection sometimes.

At the present time, you want to participate in sexual activity, your sexual desire is active but your penile erection is at zero degree.


Dr. Sunil Dubey, India’s best sexologist doctor in Patna says that generally, erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem in men after the age of 40. The level of sexual hormone testosterone keeps decreasing by 1% every year. It is the natural process to lower the sexual desire or penile erection.


In today’s time, the problem of erectile dysfunction is increasing in all ages of men before the age of 40. In fact, it is a matter of concern for all those people who are facing the situation of this sexual dysfunction. In common language, a person becomes incapable of participating in his sexual activity due to erection problems.


Types of Erection Problems in men:

Dr. Sunil Dubey is a renowned Ayurvedacharya who is an expert in Ayurveda and Sexology medical sciences. He has been working as a Clinical Sexologist doctor in Patna for a long time. He has been a successful researcher and has discovered Ayurvedic medicines for sexual dysfunction of men and women.


On the basis of his experience, practice and research, he says that there are three stages of erection problems in men. These are known as weak erection, occasional erection, and no erection. 90% people in the world are suffering from weak erection. In this condition, a man has ability to erect his penile but due to some physical issues; he does not maintain or get his proper erection in his sexual activity that should be.


  1. Weak Erection: Ability to erect his penile but not enough due to physical &  psychological issue
  2. Occasional Erection: Ability to erect his penile occasionally that is only for a momentum
  3. No Erection: No ability to erect his penile for life time


Why does erectile dysfunction occur in men before 40?

An Expert of Ayurveda & Sexology Medical Science, Dr. Sunil Dubey says that there are various causes of erectile dysfunction in men. If we notice the following conditions, then we can easily understand about this sexual problem.


  1. Physical Condition:

90% cases of erectile dysfunction are related to physical condition. In this condition, a person has poor health and his physique is not well. He always struggle with his physical strength and wellness. His daily life is inactive and he faces all the condition of medical, psychological, health-related issue, and others.


  1. Medical Condition:

Medical Condition always shows that a person has some diseases such as- diabetes, cardiac disease, high blood pressure issue, high cholesterol problem, kidney problem, and obesity. These all medical factors almost affect the sexual life of a person in the form of erectile dysfunction.


  1. Psychological Condition:

If a person is happy then his positive energy always inspires him to do new things. It is a human psychology that produces creative things, new thinking and entertaining things. On the contrary, stress, depression, anxiety and relationship issues always affect our mind and thinking. Due to psychological issue, a person loses his sexual desire and his mind keeps unhappy.


  1. Health-Related Issues:

Habit is second nature. May be your habit is good or bad, it completely depends on your nature. Here, we discuss about the habits that affect our health especially sexual well-being. Smoking and drinking alcohol is injurious to health and it affects our sexual health. Irregular daily routine does not keep our body well. Bad company always has an adverse effect on our mind and thoughts.


Apart from the above mentioned four causes, there are lots of reasons that affect our sexual health in the form of erectile dysfunction such as- Atherosclerosis, Metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and so on.


People of different age groups affected by erectile dysfunction:

Dr. Sunil Dubey is the best sexologist doctor in India because sexual patients from all over India contact him to get their sexual treatment. He practices at Dubey Clinic every day where more than forty sexual patients come every day. He says that following is percentage of people of different age groups who are affected with erectile dysfunction:-

  • 20 to 29 year old youth: 8%
  • 30 to 39 year old middle-age: 11%
  • 40+ years old people: the numbers of people


Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:

Dr. Sunil Dubey says that Ayurvedic medicine and treatment is the best for any sexual disease. Simply put, allopathy and homeopathy do not have 100% solution to any sexual or venereal disease.


He has researched erectile dysfunction and observed that there are many factors that influence a man to have erectile dysfunction. When a person has a sexual problem, not only is he troubled by the problem but his sexual behavior also gets affected. In this condition, the natural system of treatment and medication help them to improve their problems.


Dr. Sunil Dubey provides his treatment and medication to all sexual patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sexual drive, Dhat Syndrome, Night Discharge, Sexually Transmitted Infections, sexual disorders, and so on.


He treats both male and female sexual patients. Their sexual counseling is unique and different from others. First, he finds the exact cause of the problems and then treats them. In his treatment, he provides complete therapies under the natural medicines such as herbs, chemical, bhasma, natural oil, natural pill, and indigenous remedies.


Make an appointment and get treatment at Dubey Clinic:

If you are a sexual patient with any problem, then you should certainly make an appointment with Dubey Clinic. This is Bihar’s first Ayurveda and Sexology Medical Science Clinic where all ages of sexual patients come to get their sexual treatment.


This Ayurvedic Clinic is certified and provides quality-proven treatment and medication. Dr. Sunil Dubey himself treats each patient and provides them his most effective natural medicine. More than 6.35 lakh of sexual patients have benefited from Dubey Clinic in which Dr. Sunil Dubey has successfully treated more than 4.25 lakh people.


Make an appointment with Dubey Clinic that is available over phone every day from 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM. Visit the clinic in time and get your proper treatment. Within a certain period of time, you will realize that you are at the right place where you can improve your sexual problem for all the time.


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