• $40

Gyroscope Navigation Robot Vacuum

Smart Gyroscope Navigation Robot Vacuum cleans in a Zig-zag path and efficiently navigate without repeating cleaning. The gyro navigation robot vacuum works smoothly on hard floors and carpets to keep your home clean in a smart way and release you from housework.


Types of Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum

E30 Smart Gyro Robot Vacuum

E30 Gyroscope Navigation Vacuum is stable with advanced gyroscope navigation, 2500mAh Long-lasting battery, multiple cleaning modes, efficiently navigate and thoroughly cleaning.

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E31 with Robot Vacuum Mop 2 in 1

E31 Gyro Navigation Robot Vacuum has smart gyroscope navigation, 2-in-1 Powerful Vacuum & Mop, 600ml dust bin, and 350ml water tank, keep your home clean smartly and efficiently.

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E35 with Perfect Cleaning Performance

E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is upgraded with advanced gyroscope navigation, multiple cleaning modes, 3 mopping modes, powerful and smart, do great housework for you to keep your hard floor free from dirt, dust, and debris.


Vacuum Cleaner Features Gyro Navigation System

The function of the gyro navigation system in the gyro navigation robot vacuum is to decide the walking direction. It cooperates with the operation state of the indoor navigation system and the walking motor and accurately locates the coordinates.


Our smart gyro robot vacuum has accurate gyro navigation and can set maps of your home. With the function of room mapping, our smart gyro navigation robot vacuum can plan zig-zag cleaning paths. Due to its 7 specialized sensor groups, our smart gyro robot vacuum can avoid stairs, walls, and any other obstacles. You can control it from your phone including auto cleaning, edge cleaning, schedule cleaning, etc.