• $40

E35 with Perfect Cleaning Performance

E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is upgraded with advanced gyroscope navigation, with the LCD clearly showing all cleaning modes and functions, E35 can catch the cleaning status at all times. E35 has a 2500mAh Long-lasting battery, multiple cleaning modes, 3 mopping modes, 600ml dust bin, and 350ml water tank. With the built-in advanced sensors, it easily avoids obstacles and falling. E35 gyroscope robot vacuum has up to 15mm high door sills crossing ability, can automatically go back to recharge when the battery is running low, and resume to clean.



Thorough Home Cleaning

Strong suction power enables E35 to remove dirt and dust effortlessly deep in floor crevices or embedded in the carpet.


With a v-shaped roller brush and side brushes, E35 captures more dirt effectively by powerful suction on all floors, effortlessly enhances cleaning performance by 20%.


Smart Navigation Technology

With advanced military-grade gyroscope navigation technology, E35 thoroughly cleans your rooms through zig-zag cleaning paths that can easily cover the whole area, greatly increasing cleaning efficiency and reducing repetitive cleaning.


Effective cleaning is easily achieved.


Max Mode for Deep Cleaning

Standard suction power is great for everyday cleaning, but when you want a deep cleaning, the max mode will satisfy your needs.


With strong suction power, E35 can clean stubborn dirt and give your home a thorough cleaning.


Smart Mopping

E35 has a smart mopping system that uses a smart electric control water tank that features 3 levels of water flow to handle different stains such as sauce, coffee, and milk.