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Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic is critical, even after the second dose of

vaccine, because being fully vaccinated does not guarantee that you will not get

exposed to the virus. As a result, regular monitoring, and adherence to the

COVID preventive procedures are required. With their Iso propyl alcohol

(Propanol) based liquid hand sanitizer, Advita Lifesciences supports you by

boosting your ability to combat the pandemic not only at your home but even at

the corporate level office (or anywhere outside home) with a huge staff or





1. Alcoholic hand rub acting as an disinfectant

2. Disinfectant for surfaces

3. Antibacterial even for antibiotic resistant bacteria like T.B., fungi, and

viruses such as HCV


1. Keeping skin moisturized

2. No Need of water and towel/napkin

3. Money saver

4. Liquid based hand sanitizer

5. Comes with a free Dispenser (500 ml packing)

6. Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol (Propanol) for best cleaning experience

7. Original IPA fragrance

8. A GMP (Good manufacturing practices) certified company product


Directions for Use


1. For regular hand disinfection – Pump 2 times ~3ml from the calibrated dispenser/bottle and rub them well all over your hand and nail grooves for at least 30 seconds for effective cleaning


2. For surgical hand disinfection – Pump 6 times ~9ml from the calibrated dispenser/bottle over your hand, up to elbows for at least 3 mins to ensure effective sanitization


This sanitizer offers 99.9% germ protection and eliminates the need for soap and water, making your job easier and saving you time. Its 5L size makes it heavy duty usage. Furthermore, its original aroma, feel-cool after rubbing, and inexpensive pricing set it apart from other market competitors, who prey on people in the midst of an epidemic and sell them tainted goods.


Note: This product should not be consumed orally. If you accidentally ingest something, see a doctor right away. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature with tightly closed lid always to avoid evaporation. Do not expose to heat or flame since it is flammable. Keep away from reach of children.


Legal disclaimer: Advita Lifesciences is not responsible for any kind of misuse of theproduct by users. All matters are subjected to Bhilwara Jurisdiction only


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