surgical spirit manufacturer in india

Advita Lifesciences 70% medical and surgical spirit is one of the best-selling products.

The formulation of this product is done by following all the guidelines mentioned in the

Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP). There is no compromise in terms of quality as it is manufactured

in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified premises. This IP-grade product contains

70% isopropyl alcohol v/v (volume by volume).


It has various uses like-

  • Antiseptic
  • Disinfectant
  • First aid and dressing of injuries
  • For minor wounds and cuts
  • Sterilization of the site of injection before it is administered
  • Sterilizing the spot from where blood is to be withdrawn
  • Sterilization before administering IV (intra-venous) medicines
  • Surgeons can use it to sterilize the site of incision pre-operation
  • Sterilization of equipments before all surgical operations can also be done using this
  • Best solution for getting rid of germs in hospitals
  • For cleaning purposes at homes and offices
  • An important ingredient in cosmetic/beauty products
  • Cleaning of derma roller in cosmetic/aesthetic clinics can also be done
  • Perfume manufacturing (industrial/commercial scale)
  • Suitable for use in labs for various kinds of experiments

This pharmaceutical preparation is preferred by the customers over other products sold by the other brands in the market as this is free from all kinds of adulterants. It is not unethically diluted with water or methanol or any other organic or inorganic solvents. We provide the exact quantity that is mentioned on the bottle. The cost is also reasonable unlike the exorbitant pricing by other manufacturers.

Directions for use: Apply full strength as often as required as paint or wet soak.


Storage: Store in tight container, keep away from heat, sunlight, children and open flame.


Safety information and warning: Please note that this product is for external/topical use

only, strictly not meant for consumption/ingestion and should not be used for filling in

syringes. It is highly inflammable and should be used cautiously.


Legal disclaimer: Advita Lifesciences is not responsible for any kind of misuse of the

product by the users. All matters are subjected to Bhilwara Jurisdiction only.


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