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Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamer

Types of Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber


M size HP1501-75 HBOT

The diameter is 75cm, big enough for one person lying inside at a more affordable price, more professional for medical use.


L size HP1501-90 HBOT for Two People

The diameter of 90cm, can accommodate two people lying inside, more professional for medical use.


In the hard shell hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen actually can be added to 6.0ATA. High pressure oxygen treatment can help treat a variety of internal diseases. Pure oxygen levels in hard shell hyperbaric chamber help the body recover more effectively and efficiently.


Applications of hard hyperbaric chamber


In hospitals and clinics, physicians use hard shell hyperbaric chambers to complete hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.  Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of 14 diseases, off-label treatment of many diseases has achieved great success, whether in the medical clinical environment, or in a large number of clinical studies, have shown that hbot hyperbaric chamberchamber therapy injecting high levels of oxygen into the body can cure the disease and, in many cases, restore the quality of life of many patients. In all of these hyper oxygen therapy studies, however, oxygen management was 100% and pressure levels were 2.0ATA or higher. MACY-PAN provides different types of hard shell hyperbaric chamber to meet your needs in high pressure oxygen therapy.


MACY-PAN Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale


MACY-PAN can provide high pressure oxygen therapy to achieve four metal non-slip moving wheels, easy to move.


A large transparent door allows more views, won’t cause claustrophobia.


Digital Display board to display the date automatically like Temp, Pressure, Oxygen Purity, Humidity, etc.


Eye Protection Type LDE Light to the user can read inside the hard shell hyperbaric machine.


Inter-phone communication system allows patients inside can talk with outside.


FAQ of Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

How to move the hard type of hyperbaric chamber? Will it be difficult to move?-

There are four wheels of the hard type of chamber can be moved easily. And the wheels at the bottom can also fix the cabin.

Can it be operated by oneself?-

Yes, there are external and internal control panels for oneself to operate. And there is also a digital display panel on the chamber cabin to display the internal temperature, oxygen concentration, etc.

Can I read in the oxygen chamber?-

Yes, inside the chamber is equipped with warm lights and buttons to facilitate your reading.