• $20000

Salt Spray Chamber

LIB salt spray chamber simulates the salt fog marine climate, is used in the salt spray corrosion test for accelerated corrosion performance of plating and coating on metal surfaces. The salt spray test is divided into two types: neutral salt spray and acid salt spray. A variety of sizes and models are available for customers to choose.


Salt Spray Chamber Features and Benefits

1. The material of the salt spray chamber is glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is integrally formed and has the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance, so the service life of the chamber is quite long.


2. There are salt spray machines that meet different salt spray corrosion test requirements, such as standard salt spray chamber and cyclic salt fog corrosion chamber.


3. Customized salt spray chambers can be provided, such as salt spray chambers for photovoltaic panel testing and salt spray chambers for electronic product testing. There are also multiple models to meet different testing requirements to choose from.


4. The salt spray chamber can achieve uniform salt spray. Its long product life and affordable price make it very popular.