Hazardous Solvent Exposure

solvents-11Hazardous Solvent ExposureWhat do the cleaning, agricultural and paint-making industry workers have in common? While all produce helpful common household goods, there is one particular commonality that stands out from a safety perspective – solvent exposure.

What are solvents?

Either liquid or gases, solvents possess the capability to dissolve or disperse other substances. Most commonly, solvents are found in cleaning materials, adhesives, printing material, dry cleaning or paint thinners. Both volatile and flammable, solvents are a safety hazard to those working around them.

Health effects

Solvents are tricky. Because of their vaporous nature, solvents may easily enter the body through absorption through the skin or eyes, inhalation or accidental swallowing. Once absorbed, solvents may enter the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body.

Most solvents possess toxic qualities that cause: