Hydrostatic pressure tester machine

Pipe Hydro Testing Machine Technical parameters:                                   

Applicable range:¢20mm-¢508mm

Length of application pipe:8-12m

Pressure testing:0-70Mpa                                                             

Pressure holding time:5S-1000S(adjustable)                               

Testing medium:water or emulsion                          

Sealing mode: steel bone frame big clearance outer envelop, compulsive sealing.

Voltage controlled: DC24V:DC24V

Air supply:pressur 0.4-0.6kg,flowout:1m3/hour

Pipe Hydro Testing Machine Main testing process:

Washing→ Testing and water-dicharging→ Pipe loading→ Clamping→ Water suppling head→Air exhausting head→Sealing position→Pressure setting and recording→Water suppling head and air exhausting head go backwards→Unloading→Releasing the pipe→Material unloading alarm for rejected pipe