Pipe straightener

Cross Roll Type Tube Straightening Machine Specifications:

Our tube straightening machine is designed to handle different models of pipes with diameters from 20 mm to 508 mm.

According to API standard.



Application length:8-12m           

working speed:10-29m/min(decided by the pipe bend,                                   

step less speed regulation)                                     

accuracy ≤1/1000mm

structure:vertical opposite roller ,layout 2-2-2-1

Qty. of driving roller :6 piece(upper 3 ,down 3)

Qty. of driven roller:1 down roller(delivery roller)        

Adjustable range of the roller:27-330                        


2. Structure:

Vertical opposite roller ,layout,layout is upper 4 and down          

3.the 6driving roller are driven by 2 sets driving mechanism this mechanism is consisted of motor,3 output shafts reducer and 3 universal couplings.Electric             

 is setted at “automatic/industry computer” mode140mm Straightener.

Tube Straightening Machine Processes:

A pipe straightener employs parabolic-shaped upper and lower rollers in conjunction with hydraulic cylinders to exert pressure between alternating parabolic rollers. This process eliminates any bends and twists in the pipe as it is fed through the rollers. The machine offers flexibility in straightening pipes by allowing the adjustment of the top and bottom rollers. They can be set anywhere from a right angle with respect to the pipe, up to approximately 45 degrees. The upper rollers can be adjusted in the opposite angular direction compared to the lower rollers.